Welcome to Our Hiking Website

We’ve created this site for two main reasons: 1) To share our adventures with family and friends and more importantly, 2) So that we can actually remember our hiking adventures.

It’s amazing how quickly we can forget a lot of the details of our hikes due to time passing, many repeated and similar hikes and well, let’s face it we’re getting old. This is a nice way to bring together our videos, photos and a narration of our bigger hikes all in one place. The idea came to me as we prepared to hike the JMT in 2015. Many of the details that we’ve learned of the High Sierras, as well as many of our other destinations, have come from other hikers’ accounts on their own blogs and websites. Hopefully we can pay it forward a little.

You can use the menus above to follow our hikes or you can navigate our blog posts through the categories on the right.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the comments feature on this website.  Thank you for visiting sandyandstevehikes.com.

Here are links to our major adventure pages: