This page provides a brief summary of some of the major hiking adventures that we have enjoyed over the past few years.  Each hike is contained in a blog post that is linked to in the main adventure page.  We have only included the major hikes as blog posts so some of the photos and video from some of the smaller hikes are included on the main adventure page.

I’ve included a Google Earth map of each hike.  The mileage and elevation for each hike was taken from our our GAIA GPS app on our iPhones so the numbers will vary somewhat from what Google Earth shows but are more accurate.

John Muir Trail
August 2016
Approximate Miles Hiked: 236
Approximate Elevation Gained: 46,000 ft

Glacier National Park and Canadian Rockies
July/August 2015
Approximate Miles Hiked: 220
Approximate Elevation Gained: 45,000 ft

Yosemite National Park
June 2014
Approximate Miles Hiked: 117
Approximate Elevation Gained: 24,000 ft