Who Are We?

Some of you may have come to our website not knowing who we are so here is a brief background on the two of us.

We live in Providence, Utah which is located in a place called Cache Valley near the Idaho border. We are a short distance from the Cache/Wasatch mountain range which contains almost countless hiking trails which we have grown to know very well over the years. Continue reading “Who Are We?”

How I Lost My Weight

At my heaviest I tipped the scales at 310 but since my Sophomore year in college until 2013 I hovered between about 250 and 290 with brief visits below and above those amounts. When we arrived in Yosemite in June 2014 I weighed 170. Over the past two winters I’ve gained 40-50 lbs and managed to get back down to my goal weight by summer.  I really need to stop doing that! Continue reading “How I Lost My Weight”

What’s Up With All This Hiking?

We’ve always loved the mountains. Well, Sandy has mostly loved the mountains when they were covered in snow and she was rhythmically gliding down their surfaces. I’ve always loved the green version of mountains.

The one big hike that we went on early in our marriage was to Lake Solitude in the Tetons in the summer of 1987. I remember hiking around Jenny Lake early in the morning. Both of us kept hearing something move through the trees. It was a loud enough sound that it had to be a good sized animal but every time we stopped and looked we saw nothing. Whatever it was it kept following us for quite a while and wasn’t afraid to let us know it was close. Continue reading “What’s Up With All This Hiking?”