Cracker Lake Hike – Glacier NP

Date: August 6, 2015
Miles: 13.0
Elevation Gain: 2.050 ft
Start Time: 10:26 am
Duration: 4:48 hours

Cracker Lake Trail
Cracker Lake Trail

Cracker Lake turned out to be a plan B hike after a failed attempt at hiking the Carthew Alderson trail where we woke up in Waterton. The forecast was for a slight chance of rain but after running into a lightning storm in the first mile, hiking above the treeline to an exposed pass was out of the picture so we turned around and headed for Cracker Lake in Glacier NP.

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Crypt Lake Trail – Waterton NP

Date: July 24, 2015
Miles: 14.0
Elevation Gain: 2,940 ft
Start Time: 9:20 am
Duration: 6:05 hours

Crypt Lake Trail
Crypt Lake Trail

Crypt Lake Trail is one of those once-in-a-lifetime hikes that could not be passed up. Any hike that includes a ladder, crawling through a tunnel and scrambling along the edge of a cliff while you hold on to a cable is a must-do. Although it is technically in Waterton National Park in Canada it borders Glacier National Park. There is some kind of weird international park agreement that I didn’t bother to look into very deeply but it was a good enough reason for me to not create a new category grouping for Waterton on my blog. If they ever reach the point that they can stand on their own I might reconsider the new category. Continue reading “Crypt Lake Trail – Waterton NP”

Iceberg Lake and Ptarmigan Tunnel – Glacier NP

Date: July 23, 2015
Miles: 16.0
Elevation Gain: 3,120 ft
Start Time: 7:10 am
Duration: 6:41 hours

Iceberg Lake/Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail
Iceberg Lake/Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail
Looking towards the cliffs surrounding Iceberg Lake
Looking towards the cliffs surrounding Iceberg Lake

The trailhead is located in the Many Glaciers area of the park. It felt especially good to be on this trail because three days earlier we thought we were on this trail but did not discover our error until we were a good 3.5 miles up the canyon to the left. Both trails leave from the same parking spot but depending on where you leave the parking area there are several unmarked trails to choose from. Continue reading “Iceberg Lake and Ptarmigan Tunnel – Glacier NP”

Grinnell Glacier Trail – Glacier NP

Date: July 21, 2015
Miles: 12.2
Elevation Gain: 2,370 ft
Start Time: 7:14 am
Duration: 6:24 hours

Grinnell Glacier Trail
Grinnell Glacier Trail

The Grinnell Glacier trail begins in the Many Glacier area of the park by Swiftcurrent Lake. We were looking forward to this hike because it was just two days earlier that we were looking down on it from the overlook on the Highline Trail. Continue reading “Grinnell Glacier Trail – Glacier NP”

Pitamakan/Dawson Loop – Glacier NP

Date: July 20, 2015
Miles: 18.9
Elevation Gain: 4,135 ft
Start Time: 7:16 am
Duration: 9:16 hours

Pitamakan/Dawson Pass Loop Trail
Pitamakan/Dawson Pass Loop Trail
Thick forest on the first two miles of the Pitamakan Trail
Thick forest on the first two miles of the Pitamakan Trail

The trailhead that led to Pitamakan Pass started from the Two Medicine Lake campground. We crossed a bridge and headed up an embankment into the trees. We were passed up early by a group of four runners and didn’t see another person for the next seven miles. Continue reading “Pitamakan/Dawson Loop – Glacier NP”

The Highline Trail – Glacier NP

Date: July 18, 2015
Miles: 13.3
Elevation Gain: 3095 ft
Start Time: 7:23 am
Duration: 8:04 hours

Highline Trail
Highline Trail
Highline Trail looking west after leaving Logan Pass
Highline Trail looking west after leaving Logan Pass

When we got in the car on the morning of this hike the fog was so thick that we seriously considered changing to a different hike.  But about 3/4 the way up the “Going To The Sun Road” the fog suddenly broke and we were staring at a perfect sunrise over Logan Pass with blue sky above us. As it turned out it could not have been a better day to hike the Highline Trail.  It was a bit cold when we started but we were dressed for it.

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