Dream, Emerald & Haiyaha Lakes

Dream, Emerald and Haiyaha Lakes – Rocky Mountain National Park

Me at Lake Haiyaha

Date: August 16, 2017
Miles: 5.79
Elevation Gain: 1,850 ft
Start Time: 5:51 am
Duration: 3:42 hours

Dream, Emerald & Haiyaha Lakes

This was a day off of sorts for us midway through a week of bigger hikes. We wanted a shorter day so that we wouldn’t burn out as well as give us time to take care of some laundry and other chores. Although this was less than six miles I would have to say this hike gave us more bang per mile than any other hike in the park and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Since it was a short day I didn’t make a video.

The first body of water we came to was Nymph Lake. It was a small pond with a nice display of water lilies. It was still a little too dark to get photos so we got these on the way out.

Nymph Lake
Nymph Lake

When we arrived at Dream Lake there was a photographer taking wedding photos of a young couple. They were standing in a small patio-like area right at the foot of the lake which was the best place to photograph the lake. The photographer apologized and started to leave but we told him that we’d get our photos on the way out and to stay there while the lighting was still optimal.

Me being as dreamy as I can at Dream Lake

Dream Lake
Sandy at Dream Lake

There were several very nice small water features in the rocky area between Dream Lake and Emerald Lake which was a pleasant surprise.

When we arrived at Emerald Lake there was a man standing at the shore. We quickly recognized him as the same guy we met at the top of Ida Peak earlier in the week. His friend was up on the rock behind us taking photos. They live in Denver and came up to hopefully capture some nice alpenglow shots as the sun rose but that light never produced itself. I climbed up the rock to get my own pictures. Emerald Lake was a beautiful lake stuffed into a very tight cirque and the end of the canyon.

Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake

We then headed back to the eastern shore of Dream Lake to find the side trail that headed up the hill to the south toward Haiyaha Lake. After a quick climb we came around the eastern slope of the hill with views back down toward our trailhead at Bear Lake.

View down to Nymph and Bear Lakes

The trail then headed back into the woods. We found a side trail where we could use the facilities which turned out to have a very nice boulder pond.

Sandy doing a quick jig on a bridge

The trail to Lake Haiyaha led us into a boulder field. We didn’t have too far to go through the boulders to find the lake but that also meant that the shore of the lake was covered in boulders. We found a tight gap that allowed us to get down to some rocks along the shore of the lake.

Lake Haiyaha
Lake Haiyaha

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